In the early 1980s Hardcore Punk swept across the US like a shock wave of youthful spirit, ingenuity and aggression. Los Angeles had bands like Black Flag and artists like Raymond Pettibon and Pushead charting new waters of sound and visual imagery. New York had Bad Brains and Sean Taggart. Raleigh, North Carolina had Corrosion Of Conformity and comic illustrator Brian Walsby. Since 1984, Walsby's iconic illustrations have graced countless album covers, T-shirts and the pages of magazines such as Flipside, Maximumrocknroll, Hustler, Decibel and many others. In 2004 Brian's first book of comic art MANCHILD was released to worldwide applause from critics and fans alike. Mr. Walsby went on to release MANCHILD 2, 3 and 4 from 2006-2008. As these books have gone out of print and become sought after collectors items, Brian continued illustrating, writing and collecting photos for what was to become MANCHILD 5 Rabid Pack With Sirens Howling. MANCHILD 5 documents the bands, fans, and scene politics of the early Hardcore scene as viewed from Raleigh, NC in the 1980s. Readers are given a vivid picture of this era through Walsby's infamous comic art, rare photographs and the words of the people who lived through it all. With the band Corrosion of Conformity at the center; MANCHILD 5 proves to be a fascinating read filled with anecdotes about punk houses, scene drama, and bands like Bad Brains, No Labels, Scared Straight, Black Flag, Days Of, Wwax, Minor Threat, Confessor, Ugly Americans and many others.

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Over the past 25 years BRIAN WALSBY has become somewhat of a reluctant punk/comic celebrity/pariah. BRIAN’s hilarious satirical cartoons expose the punk/indie world for the overly dramatic microcosm that it often is. BRIAN has no lack of credentials when it comes to critiquing underground music and culture. Since 1983 BRIAN’s artwork has graced the pages of many magazines such as MAXIMUMROCKNROLL, Ink Disease, FLIPSIDE, Suburban Voice, CHUNKLET, Left Of The Dial, Artcore, Hustler’s “Barely legal” (we kid you not), and many others. He’s also drawn album cover art for everyone from MELVINS to 7 SECONDS. Mr. Walsby is also well known as the drummer for influential bands such as POLVO, PATTY DUKE SYNDROME (RYAN ADAMS) , WWAX (Mac Macaughn), SCARED STRAIGHT, SHINY BEAST, and many others. In short; whether or not people love or hate BRIAN WALSBY, they want to see/hear what he has to say. If you’re upset by BRIAN’s work, you probably should be.

This one follows up on the success of the original MANCHILD with comics such as The Descendents and Me, The Five Most Overrated Bands of All Time, stories about Mystic and SST Records, Male Rock Nerd Fest, Why Most Heavy Metal Still Sucks... and on and on.

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