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Very seldom do you ever hear the words "Master of his Craft."  It should't be used lightly because to be a master of one's craft means that you can create, bend, and break all the rules of that craft.  You inherently dictate the direction of said craft - the Bass, Electric Bass, or as Mike Watt would call it, the Thud Staff, or the Thunderstick.  The Thunderstick is the vehicle in which living legend Mike Watt uses to translate 35+ years of craft into pleasurable sounds for you to hear.  To say Mike's influence on the musical world is monumental would be an egregious understatement. The dude is synonymous with the Bass. Hell, I am surprised that people don't call the bass a "Watt."  Don't even get me started on what he did for punk music alone.....the Minutemen , fIREHOSE, Dos, the Stooges..any of those bands do anything for you?

Its a no brainer that when Chris Shary started his Sharpie sketches of Iconic musicians, Watt was on the top of the list.  You don't make a Mt. Rushmore and leave out Lincoln do you?  Chris's portrait or Mr. Watt is spot on and captures everything that makes this man lovable and famous that isn't about his music.  Its about how Mike is a hardened road veteran and yet still soft and smiley after all these years.  I can see the wisdom is his eyes, and Chris captured his infectious smile to a tee.  to know about Watt is to Love Watt, and just the sight of this man's image on this a will put a smile on anyones face.- Isac Walter, MinorThread.com

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MIKE WATT/ RON LIBERTI THE WATT FROM PEDRO SHOW (T SHIRT)                                                          SEE DETAIL 

The Watt From Pedro Show is a radio show/ podcast hosted by Punk/Indie Renaissance man Mike Watt (Minutemen, Firehose, Secondmen, Missingmen, CUZ, Stooges) and Brother Matt. Since 2001 the show has been produced and broadcast from Pedro, CA; turning folks on to a wide range of great tunes and enlightening fans with in depth interviews with folks like Henry Rollins, Thurston Moore, and John Frusciante. Check it out Here: http://twfps.com

As it turns out one of our favorite visual artists and musicians (Ron Liberti) is quite a fan of the Watt From Pedro show. Ron has been churning out amazing poster art from the Chapel Hill area since the early 90’s. I first began seeing his designs on treks to the Cat’s Cradle where Ron’s band Pipe would often play with the likes of The Jesus Lizard, Archers of Loaf, Bad Brains, and countless others. This is the second shirt Ron has done with us and we couldn’t be happier with the design or the subject matter! 

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My first exposure to Mike Watt’s music was hearing the Firehose song “Brave Captain” in the “Streets Of Fire” video in 1989. As was the case in so many “how I discovered Punk” stories; this new kid moved in down the street from us and he was way into lots of cool stuff. He had tons of skate videos and a box filled with cassette tapes from bands I had never heard of: Black Flag, Minutemen, Sonic Youth, Meatmen, Dag Nasty, etc. Many of these cassettes had similar cover art; almost like demented comic strip cells with band names applied. This is how I became aware of Raymond Pettibon’s artwork. A couple weeks ago, while we exchanging emails pertaining to the shirts featured below, Mike sent me this photo of he and Raymond. He asked if we would be into putting it on a T-shirt. I said “yes” and here you have it. Get it while we got it! Photo by The Pope. -Charles Cardello

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