FU MANCHU/ CHRIS SHARY NEPTUNE COCKTAIL (T SHIRT)                                                                        SEE DETAIL 

The first time I heard Fu Manchu’s “No One Rides For Free” album (their 4th) I was working with my friend (and soon to be label co-founder) Brad at a video production company in Greenville, NC. “Evil Eye” came on, the volume got cranked way beyond acceptable levels, and we waisted a couple cans of “canned air keyboard cleaner” as we jumped around the editing suite trying to look wind blown and freezer burning the shit out of each other with those little red straws. These dudes started playing music together in the mid ‘80s. 30 years or so later, they’re still delivering the goods. Several weeks ago, Evil Eye came up in my computer’s playlist and I immediately emailed Chris Shary and started searching for (Fu Manchu front man) Scott Hill’s contact info. As it turns out, Chris is a fan and Scott is an amazingly accommodating individual. Here’s Chris’ 70s ROACH inspired design. We hope you can dig it!

LIMITED TO 500. Ladies’ shirts are printed on Bella Favorite Ts. SEE SIZING CHART FOR LADIES’ TEE HERE.





JFA/ CHRIS SHARY EFFIING SHRED GREEN  (T SHIRT)                                                                                SEE DETAIL 

Reagan may not have been killed in 81, but luckily his assassination attempt did yield JFA (Jodie Foster's Army). Young, loud, fast and all skaters, JFA picked up that Skate Rock flag and took off with it. JFA are as legit as they come. Both Brian Brannon and guitarist Don Pendleton worked at THRASHER in the early years when I was first getting into not only skating but also punk, so of course their band was frequently blaring out of stereo's while sessioning. I cannot think of Skate Rock without thinking of JFA and I cannot think of JFA without thinking of skaters. I had always wanted to do a gnarly skating shirt for the band that melded 2 of my biggest loves. In fact, I had done some rough sketches for the band while I was in high school in 86 but I don't think I ever sent it to them (although I had become pen pals with Brian). Well here we are 30 years later, and I finally got the gnarly skater shirt together that I always wanted. I can say it's been worth the wait!

LIMITED TO 200. Ladies’ shirts are printed on Bella Favorite Ts. CLICK HERE FOR SIZING CHART AS LADIES SHIRTS RUN SMALL.



In 2011 Brian Walsby and I decided to release a few limited edition T-shirts for bands we loved and had some friendship/business connections with. When the first shirt (Melvins) sold out of it’s run of 300 in a week or so, we decided to give it another go with The Descendents. Bill Stevenson and Co. were very receptive to working with Brian so he drew up an amazing image of the band as a tribute to Marvel Comics’ Super Heros. That shirt sold out in less than a week.

Here we are in 2016 and The Descendents have just released their 7th album: Hypercaffium Spazzinate. As expected, it’s a shredder. Brian wanted to do a new Descendents tee and decided to pay tribute to Jack Kirby and the early X Men comics.  He sent me this drawing a few weeks ago and we’ve been toying with the color and bouncing ideas off the band. It seems we have finally settled on this 7 color print. 7 colors, 7 albums; a new color record (for these shirts) in celebration of a new record for one of the most endearing bands in underground rock. ALL HAIL THE DESCENDENTS!  The black version sold out quickly so... here’s grey!

LIMITED TO 500. Ladies’ shirts are printed on Bella Favorite Ts. http://www.bellacanvas.com/6004-womens-the-favorite-tee 

DESCENDENTS/ BRIAN WALSBY NEXTMEN GREY (T SHIRT)                                                                        SEE DETAIL



It’s not everyday that one gets the opportunity to improve upon perfection. In the early 1980s Errol Engelbracht created the original COC skull logo. His illustration combined a spiked skull with the internationally known symbol for radiation. Errol’s logo design has since become one of the most iconic and recognizable images in music; gracing thousands of T shirts, skateboards, and bedroom walls. Errol went on to achieve a fair amount of fame and recognition and is the founder and owner of Blue Flame Tattoo.

In 2010 COC began playing again with the original core lineup of Mike Dean, Woody Weatherman, and Reed Mullin. They just recently released their 9th studio album and they continue to tour and write music that matters.

Several months ago Errol and artist Brian Walsby sat down for coffee. The conversation eventually turned to the original COC logo and the idea of re-creating it for  a t shirt. Errol got in touch with us, we got in touch with the band, and this amazing shirt is the result. Thanks to everyone for their talent, time, and cooperation!



VALIENT THORR/ ERROL ENGELBRECHT CYBERWOLF (T SHIRT)                                                                SEE DETAIL

If you’re reading this, you’re already familiar with Valient Thorr. Over the years we’ve produced several music videos and a feature film for them. Several members of Valient Thorr have been in bands that we’ve published albums by (The Ladderback and The Kickass). We’ve toured with them and been roommates with them. We’ve driven the Valient Thorr RV from Raleigh to LA. They’ve been best men in our weddings. We love these guys and we’re happy to have produced several limited edition shirts (illustrated by well known artists) for them.

Tyler Wolf is the ex (founding) bass player for Valient Thorr. He’s also an accomplished artist who’s work we follow and appreciate. It seems fitting to pair this band and individual up for one of our artsy fartsy tees. Here’s what Tyler had to say about this one: “Valient Thorr and rock n roll are in my blood forever. Positive energy to the Universe.”